Valley Harvest Church is preaching Christ crucified is preaching Christ crucified|проповедует Христа распятого.

Valley Harvest is not a large meeting church that happens to have home groups. It is a home group-based church that also has large meetings.


12:30 PM | English Service
02:00 PM | Russian Service
02:00 PM | Kids Ministry



12:30 PM | Богослужение на английском
02:00 PM | Богослужение на русском
02:00 PM | Детские Служения

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People often ask “Why should I join a home group?”

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Why Valley Harvest?

The Church Family - Why do I need it?

The Greek word for “church” is “ekklesia.” This word, alone, means no more than the English word “gathering.” Yet, when the Bible speaks of the “church of God” or “church of Christ,” a very unique “gathering” is indicated–one in which God is central! Members of God’s family assemble at regular intervals in local congregations. Great care should be taken by believers to be united with a local church in which God is worshipped, the Bible is respected, the biblical plan of salvation is taught and practiced, and Christian love is shared by all.

Believers in local churches meet together on the first day of the week to “break bread” or observe the Lord’s Supper. (Acts 20:7) In this weekly activity, there is to be meaningful communion with the Lord and with each other. (1 Corinthians 10:17;11:17-34) In Christian assemblies, the Body is to be built up through prayer, teaching, singing, and loving fellowship. Committed Christians will value those times when the church assembles and avoid needless absences. (Hebrews 10:24-25)

How do I join a home group?

There is no special procedure required to join a homegroup and you are welcome to join at any time. It is much more important that you join a homegroup when you want to and so please fill out the information in connection card or on homegroup web page and we will put you in touch with the appropriate homegroup.

Why we need volunteers?

Everything great that happens takes teamwork. Serving is a great way to connect, meet new people, and use your gifts and talents in ministry. There are many options available at Valley Harvest from greeting to helping out in the cafe—check out volunteers web page for opportunities and contact us to get connected—it’s just that simple!

How Children’s Ministry Benefits The Children

It can help counter balance worldly influences, It can help them learn to love others, It is something fun to do, It helps kids want to come to church, It helps them make new friends, It helps discover and intervene in abusive home situations, It helps children get to know their pastors, It gives kids meaningful keepsakes, It gives children special memories, It allows them to make friends with adult volunteers in safe context.

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